We Find the Tenant

Quickly and Affordably

This program is perfect for owners who are local to the property and have a lot of free time on your hands. 


CLASSIC – will advertise for, find and refer a tenant directly to you.
 We will use our full resources to list and advertise your property and forward you the contact details of the prospective tenants.
You only pay Classic the referral fee for an accepted tenant. This is paid at the time the tenant pays the first months rent and/or deposit or takes occupancy.


YOU  – will need to respond to the leads. The tenants will have questions and it usually requires several  emails and/or phone calls per lead.
YOU  – will need to show the property. This will require you meeting the tenants at the property. There will likely be several showings before an applicant steps forward.
YOU  – will need to arrange the tenant application and then to screen and qualify them. Most applicants will have at least two adults, so you will need to screen both.
YOU  – will have to write the lease. We can supply you a standard boilerplate lease, but we strongly recommend having an attorney create a lease that will bear up in a courtroom and protect you from unnecessary expenses.
YOU – will move the tenant in. You will arrange to meet the tenant to complete an initial inspection, hand over the keys, arrange utilities and secure rent and deposits.
YOU – will manage your property and deal with the tenants directly. You will need to schedule any inspections with the tenant for the duration of the lease, collect rent and handle the maintenance calls. It is very important that you collect and handle the security deposit correctly and deliver any tenant notices per local and State regulations. You will need to complete a tenant exit walk through at the completion of the lease.


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