Vacation Rental Property Management

Since almost all owners of vacation properties live out of state or overseas, having a management company look after things in their absence is essential. Many vacation home owners use the property for just family and friends and simply require a management company to handle the day to day maintenance, schedule exit cleans and the licensing and tax collection/submissions. However, most owners want/need booking income to off-set running costs and therefore plan on using the management company to handle reservations and supplying booking income.
Finding the Right Management Company
Although we do have our own management program, we offer it as a competitive option for your consideration, your success is far more important to us than simply trying to gain ‘extra’ business. If the property being purchased has been previously well managed by a company, we recommend staying with their services (at least to start), especially if the previous owner was happy with the service being provided and if that company has placed bookings for rental, those bookings will likely only be transferable if you stay with the current management company.
Become Involved
Even though your property management company will be capable of handling all of your bookings should you wish to rent your home, we strongly recommend that you have some sort of personal involvement. The more bookings you can place yourself, the better. This will increase the number of weeks your property is rented and therefore will increase your bottom line. The more involvement you have, the more likely you are to increase your return. We can help and advise on this and it can also be great fun.

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