Tenant Placement

We Find & Place the Tenant

This program is for owners who are local to the property and have enough free time and resources to manage the property after tenant placement.

We will advertise for a tenant, respond to all leads 7 days a week, arrange and schedule showings, complete a full tenant screening including criminal, employment, credit and rental history, and place the qualified tenant on one of our leases. Thereafter, we hand the property over to the owner to manage.

Tenant  Guarantee.  

We guarantee all the tenants we place. 


No up-front fees. 

We will arrange the photo shoot, initial inspection, lockbox, MLS listing and pay for all the advertising out of our pocket,  no funds required from you.


Here is an overview of our Tenant Placement services:


CLASSIC  – will advertise for and find the tenant. We list the property in the MLS, market to over 3,000 local agencies, place between 30 – 50 major nationwide online ads and in most local media outlets.
CLASSIC  – will respond to the leads. The tenants will have questions and it usually requires several  emails and/or phone calls per lead.
CLASSIC  – will show the property.  We can arrange for our fully licensed real estate agents to  meet the tenants at the property 7 days a week.
CLASSIC  – will take the tenant applications, then fully screen and qualify them. We complete a full criminal background check, residential history, employment verification, credit check and nationwide eviction search.
CLASSIC – will write the lease. We place tenants on our very own super strong attorney created lease that will bear up in any courtroom and protect you from several unnecessary expenses.
CLASSIC – will move the tenant in.  We arrange for utilities and secure all rent and deposits before occupancy. We then complete a detailed inspection with the tenant and arrange for any needed repairs and document any potential property issues.
CLASSIC – then refers the tenant over to you.


YOU – will manage your property and deal with the tenants directly. You will need to schedule any inspections with the tenant for the duration of the lease, collect rent and handle the maintenance calls. It is very important that you collect and handle the security deposit correctly and deliver any tenant notices per local and State regulations. You will need to complete a tenant exit walk through at the completion of the lease.






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