Our Team

Kevin Wardle
1-800-259-1569 Ext 101
Kevin was born in the UK and moved to Orlando just over 33 years ago. For the last 27 years he has been involved in several areas of Florida real estate, including: residential sales & listings, overseas buyers & vacation rentals, mortgage financing, new home construction & development and property management.

Melissa Arony
Realtor / Attorney
Melissa is a native of New York and moved to Orlando in 1987 where she served the community as a successful attorney for over 25 years. Retired from full time law practice, she still keep her hand in as our in-house attorney and enjoys maintaining a fairly large client base as an active Realtor.

Ti Werdheri
Front Desk
1-800-259-1569 Ext 1
Ti is currently attending UCF and working our front desk. He handles our ’emergency’ call line most nights and assists the property managers with the tenant placements and leases.

Alice Treadeaux
1-800-259-1569 Ext 4

Alice is a native of Oregan and moved to Orlando in 2014. She has an extensive background in accounting and runs our owner bookkeeping with precision.

Judy Mull
Judy is originally from Alaska and spent over twenty years as the comptroller for a major oil refinary. After retiring to the Sunshine state in 2012 she now runs our accounting and payroll with the same precise skills.

Barry Newcastle
Property Manager
Barry is a native of Florida and returned after graduating from Univerisy of Mitchigan in 2013. He began with us on the front desk during his holidays and is now an accomplished property manager with over 70 accounts under his control.

Mary Parkinson
Closing Coordinator
Mary is a native of Arizona and has lived in Florida since 1990. Having worked as an agent for many years she is uniquely qualified as a closing coordinator and rules the back office as our ‘Queen of Contracts’.

Matthew Resinea
Property Manager
Matthew was born in New York, raised in California settled in Orlando in 2006. a very talented property manager with a background in residential construction and mortgage finance.

Dean Stockwell
Overseas Specialist
Dean is based in London in the UK and has handled all our overseas shows, advertising and marketing since 2006. A vertible ‘expert’ in short-term vacation rentals and second home purchasing in the Disney area of Orlando.

Tim Holloway
Property Manager
Tim is a native of Texas and moved to Orlando in 2008. Having built a handsom property portfolio for himself, he is a skilled property manager and specializes in restoration projects.

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