There is a better way of selling a property.

Most of us have sold at least one home in our lives and know the drill. We look at the various real estate ads, try to figure out who’s who in the local market, set up a listing appointment or two, sign a bunch of paperwork and then sit back and wait.  Eventually after taking the home off the market the sale fall through  …and isn’t it always due to a non-qualifying buyer ?

Our goal is to avoid surprises and close sales quickly:  We show our listings to lots of fully qualified buyers, negotiate deals that are well secured and at market price or better … and ensure they close quickly and without issue. We accomplish this by fishing where the best fish are to be found (forgive the analogy ), these are expensive waters to be sure and most/all other competitors are reluctant to pay the price and take the risk. We pay the price, We take the risk.


How We Do It …

As with most other brokerages, we complete a detailed analysis of the property and will recommend a competitive listing price. But that is where we part company with the others… here is what we do above and beyond the rest:

1) We will realistically anticipate the expected results of the listing price and commit to a minimum amount of showings, right there at the listing appointment.

2) We will commit to spend a significant and substantial amount of our money to market your home. We will even be able to tell you at the listing appointment how much each month we will budget.

3) We will place over 30 key online ads with major nationwide vendors, including Truila, Zillow, Realtor.com and many, many others.

4) Magazine ads will have no less than a 1/4 page devoted to your property.

5) We purchase a web site just for the property and pay for local placement in multiple search engines.

6) We actively market all the Realtors and real estate offices within one hour drive of the property.

7) Our marketing efforts will result in a significant amount of showings of the property and will generate multiple offers.

8) We follow up and keep following up with the buyer or buyer’s agent until closing …and beyond.

9) All our agents adhere to our rule of “no surprises for anyone’ – this means the title company will have ALL items on the HUD.

10) We ensure all approvals, paperwork and inspections are completed as contracted for and on time.


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