Rental Program

Many (most) purchasers place their vacation home in a Short Term Rental program to help offset the cost of owning the property. The concept is quite simple. You put your home into a program that allows for others to rent your property as a vacation home during their stay in Orlando and the proceeds from that arrangement help offset the costs of owning the property.
The Short Term Rental program is a business and the goal is to help pay short term costs, allow personal and family use and to realize property appreciation in the long term. Realizing annual revenue from your Short Term Rental business is possible but it should not be considered an income generating proposition. Having your Short Term Rental property help pay the bulk or even the total of owning the property is the primary function of the STR program.
The entity that makes the Short Term Rental program work is a Property Management Company. The job of the management company is to provide you with the services you require to oversee the daily management of your business.
Some owners like to be involved and help with marketing, decor and planning – some like to be completely hands off and just show up when they are ready to relax. It’s all possible and each property and owner has different needs and views.
For more information and details on property management and the many options available.

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