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Is it better to purchase a New Home or a Resale Property ?
 View both options in details using one of our custom tailored Inspection Trips.



  • New Build Advantages:
    Great choice of modern resort style communities
    Many new resorts are eco friendly and far more energy efficient
    Smaller deposits – spread out payments
    Choice of building plots
    Choice of designs
    Choice of finishes
    10 year warranties
    Up to date technology
    Better infrastructure
    Better community facilities
    Built to latest codes
    Improved security
    Better chance of capital growth
    Lower insurance premiums
    New appliances with two year guarantees
    New carpets and appliances
    New air conditioning with guarantees
    Higher rental rates from tour operators once community is established


  • New Build Negatives:
    Having to wait for homes to be built
    Having to finance furniture outside of a mortgage
    Disruption with ongoing building works



  • Resale Home Advantages:
    Good value for money
    Homes ready to move into (often furnished)
    Track record of rental income
    Being able to see completed community and infrastructure
    Wider choice of established developments


  • Resale Home Negatives:
  • Tired communities
    Little or no warranties remaining
    Houses in need of redecoration/updating
    Higher HOA fees
    Limited choice of Resort style communities
    Higher insurance premiums
    Reduced rental rates from tour operators
    On-going maintenance issues
    Neighboring gardens not maintained
    Competition with other resale homes – slower capital growth potential

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