Legal Resources

Legal Resources

We enjoy a close working partnership with some of the areas leading real estate attorney offices. This enables us to offer our clients a full range of legal resources at highly discounted rates:


Foreclosure Defense

Our affiliated team of attorneys and legal experts can defend against any current foreclosure action or arrange to stop and/or delay future action. Our whole operation is designed to offer common sense alternatives to homeowners caught in the current country’s financial meltdown.

We are a ‘one stop shop’ which has some wonderful advantages for our clients, including our ability to offer immediate remedies and financial solutions to help get  through the maze of paperwork affordable and successfully.

Settlement Closings and Title Insurance

Full service title work for all types of title insurance and settlement closings, from a simple residential closing to a complex multimillion Dollar commercial project.

Short Sale Facilitation

 Whether it is an investment property, second home or primary residence, sometimes the best move is to sell…even if the amount owed is higher then the best price a property will sell for.  Over the last few years our agents and support staff have become experts in assisting homeowners through this complex and often daunting scenario.

Although we will never say ‘we make it easy’, we will commit to making the process as easy and straight forward as possible and arrange for everything from the listing, marketing, sale, short sale facilitation, final negotiation and closing…..and beyond.

When we say ‘beyond’ we refer to our network of team-members that can help with credit repair and cutting the time frame to returning to home ownership, including assisting with finding a perfect home to rent while arranging future financing for a home purchase.


Although the likely hood is that you will never be in a situation where you have a defaulting tenant,  rest assured that ‘if’ it ever does occur we have the know how and  experience to handle everything from the initial ‘3 day notice’ to the mediation and final hearing. We work with an extremely aggressive eviction attorney that enables us to regain possession in the fastest time frame possible in order to re-tenant and get back on track.

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