We take care of everything … From arranging the preparation of the property for rental, advertising, showing, screening and placement of the tenant. Thereafter, we collect the rent, provide 24/7 servicing,  handle all the monthly accounting, disbursement of funds and of course the year end paperwork.

We do many things above and beyond any other management company, providing our owners with incredible cost savings each and every month, for example:


Tenant  Guarantee.  

We guarantee all the tenants we place. 

No Cancelation Fees. 

We work at the pleasure of our owners and never charge a cancellation fee.

No Surcharges.

If a vendor charge or maintenance item is $10, we enter $10 on your statement, not a penny more.

Price Match.  

We are sure we are the best value company already, but just to be sure we offer a guaranteed price match.

No Owner Balance Requirement. 

Your full ending balance is paid out each month, nothing is ever retained as a ‘required balance’.

No up-front fees. 

We will arrange the photo shoot, initial inspection, lockbox, MLS listing and pay for all the advertising out of our pocket,  no funds required from you.

Tenant Deductable. 

Our leases state that the tenant is responsible for the first $300 of any maintenance in any given month. A huge saving each year to our owners.


Here is an overview of our services:

CLASSIC  – will advertise for and find the tenant. We list the property in the MLS, market to over 3,000 local agencies, place between 30 – 50 major nationwide online ads and in most local media outlets.
CLASSIC  – will respond to the leads. The tenants will have questions and it usually requires several  emails and/or phone calls per lead.
CLASSIC  – will show the property.  We can arrange for our fully licensed real estate agents to  meet the tenants at the property 7 days a week.
CLASSIC  – will take the tenant applications, then fully screen and qualify them. We complete a full criminal background check, residential history, employment verification, credit check and nationwide eviction search.
CLASSIC – will write the lease. We place tenants on our very own super strong attorney created lease that will bear up in any courtroom and protect you from several unnecessary expenses.
CLASSIC – will move the tenant in.  We arrange for utilities and secure all rent and deposits before occupancy. We then complete a detailed inspection with the tenant and arrange for any needed repairs and document any potential property issues.
CLASSIC – then manages the property & tenant. We handle everything and account to you monthly and issue year end tax paperwork.
CLASSIC – will collect and account for all tenant rents. We collect by mandatory ACH withdrawal, there is never, ever a case of  “the check is in the mail”.
CLASSIC – will collect a tenant security deposit in accordance with Florida law.  We place all deposits in a special non-interest bearing account and are subject to State oversight.  We forward the correct and proper tenant notices as the end of a lease and disburse the deposits accordingly.
CLASSIC – will issue monthly owner statement and deposit owner funds directly. We complete all owner statements by the 10th of a month and initiate direct deposits of the net funds within 24 hours of statements.
CLASSIC – will complete regular property inspections. We issue the correct tenant notice and complete full property inspections at our discretion.
CLASSIC – will remain ‘on call’  24/7/365 for all emergency maintenance. Our owners and tenants both like this service and we are always on hand to assist emergency scheduling.
CLASSIC – will handle all maintenance and schedule services. Our leases have unique tenant deductibles that protect our owners against trip charges and frivolous call outs. We  pass on several vendor discounts as we deal with most trades on a contracted basis.
CLASSIC – will post any required tenant notices. Florida laws are complicated and ever changing, we make a point to stay up to date.
CLASSIC – will negotiate lease renewals or new tenant placement. Sixty days before a lease expires we begin the process. Our goal is to keep the property 100% tenanted at the maximum ROI possible.
CLASSIC – will complete a tenant exit walk-through. We complete detailed inspections and correlate with the prior inspections, we do everything in our power to ensure the property remains in pristine condition.
CLASSIC – will disperse the tenant security deposit in accordance with Florida law. There are very regulated and specific notices that must be issued to the tenant, regardless of the final disposition of the deposit. We ensure the rules are followed so as to save our owners unnecessary court expenses.


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