Purpose Built Homes at Reunion

Purpose Built homes are custom homes built more with the vacation home guest in mind as opposed to a custom home built more to the specifications and wants of an owner. Purpose built homes are still custom homes and the owner has direct input into all aspects of the design and construction but the overall product is designed specifically with short term rental in mind and to be able to generate maximum annual revenue.
By focusing on what the guests look for in a vacation rental, custom homes create a unique vacation experience that you can only get with a Purpose Built. The end results are delighted guests, and a well-performing rental property for the homeowner.
Purpose Built vacation homes are an evolution of the latest vacation homes and designs, offering a new and unique vacation home experience that surpasses the traditional vacation home model and hotel/resort.

Pricing and Returns
A purpose built home will cost around $1.5m and will net in the region of 10% annually in returns.
Purpose built homes are completely turn key. Once you have signed a contract every aspect of your home and business is accounted for including furnishing and management.
Choosing a Building Location
Your first step in building is to select the lot on which to build. You will have the option of several great locations including golf lots on one of the three championship courses, conservation lots or lake or pond views. Lots are generally divided into 35′ or 55′ home sites with some unique shapes and sizes dependent on location. Prices on lots vary by location but start as low as $20k and can range up to many hundreds of thousands of dollars for the prime locations.
Below is a current list of available lots for sale in Reunion:

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